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Today, in order to understand how to provide an object with design documentation for construction, you just need to park near Pokrovsky Square on Sadovaya Street, at 119 and get the first free consultation. Believe me, the result will meet all your expectations. Despite the fact that the workshop is located in the historical center of St. Petersburg, which has preserved the principles of imperial metropolitan classicism, our style is in the spirit of the beloved minimalism LESS IS MORE, and our approach shows attention to detail, punctuality within a time frame and a guarantee of a flexible pricing policy. We fulfill all our obligations and work under the motto WE DO MORE!

Our team

We are a team of architects and engineers who are in love with the design business, as with all our
life, a business that can change the world and the quality of life of people. We know about design
a lot, but the more we learn, the wider the horizon becomes, on which we still have to
create completely new and unique objects.


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